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Egg Health launches smartglasses

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Egg Health Innovations has unveiled a pair of smartglasses that can capture the experience of patients.

As PMLive points out, the smartglasses, branded as the Virtual Mile, harbour a hidden camera while utilising algorithms to curate the wearers’ experience and keep track of their emotional biometric responses via a companion app.

The data thrown to the app will then be transformed into a film that can be viewed through a virtual reality headset, allowing medical professionals to witness a patient’s experience from the first person. And while this is a fairly left-wing take on smartglasses, it does potentially hold a future in the health and wellbeing space, particularly within training.

According to the group – which is was previously part of Virgo Health, which set it up last year – the technology can be used to benefit a wide-range of health conditions including obesity, skin diseases, and mental health disorders.

Knight added: “The product opens up huge opportunities for healthcare providers or anyone else who has an interest in monitoring certain health conditions or behaviours.”

Additionally, wearers will be able to narrate their thoughts and feelings using their voice and then, depending on the disease type, the glasses will offer biometric markers to capture physiological changes including heart rate, ECG, blood pressure and stress levels.


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